3Level Program


The 3 building blocks of our program

These fundamental tenets are crucial to helping you understand that being overweight is not just a purely physical issue – it goes much deeper. If you want to succeed with long-term and permanent weight loss, without falling back into old habits, you need to take a holistic approach.




The body is the foundation of everything. Your metabolism should be able to function effectively, and your body should feel healthy and unburdened.




Most diets are primarily focused on reducing food. Ours does this too, but we ensure that your body not only gets all the nourishment it needs, but that the food is also delicious.




The right mindset can mean many things, but to us it means: You only have one body – so align your mindset so that you feel only respect and love for your body.

We work together with you on these 3 building blocks to achieve the best possible long-term success in this program. The goal is for you to walk with your head held high, with self-confidence and satisfaction – not “just” because you shed some pounds, but because you’ve fundamentally changed your thinking and have learned to love yourself (more). To finally be at peace with yourself.

Our motto is clear

Being ME is the new skinny

Level 1 – Weight Loss / Reset

Being overweight is never just the result of eating too much. It goes much deeper than that. Of course, one aspect is physical: over the years, our metabolism slows down and we clog up our bodies with toxins. So, even when we reduce our eating, our metabolism isn’t strong enough to burn it all off. The body naturally adapts to these circumstances and remembers every weight you’ve ever been.

The other aspect is psychological: Why do we hold on to excess weight? Why do we overeat? What hole are we trying to fill?

First, an actual analysis takes place. After that, we hit the ground running.

With the 3Level Method, we start by activating your metabolism, fat burning and a detox. We also dissolve your old patterns, mind blocks and habits, to expand your (weight loss) horizon.

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What is Level 1 like in practice?
First, you’ll come to our practice for an initial consultation. We show you how we apply the method and what it can do for you. We’re not trying to convince or persuade you – we simply want you to feel our enthusiasm and let yourself be inspired by the facts – or not. After all, we don’t do things by halves😊
If you decide to use our method, we’ll get to know you in a detailed interview. We’ll weigh and measure you, take your blood pressure, go over your medical history and note down medications you’re not. We won’t need to take a blood sample – unless you’d like to have your blood work down before and after the program, to track your progress.
You’ll receive the full starter kit from us: A meal plan, herbal infusions, and your weight loss map.
You’ll come to the clinic twice a week (for at least 4 weeks) to receive a natural remedy (a tailored prescription, produced in a pharmacy and subject to German legal hygiene standards). This will optimize your metabolism. You’ll also be weighed and measured again.
We’re always by your side Either in person, or via WhatsApp, email and phone. We’re your personal cheerleader.

Level 2 – Stabilization

Time to fill up the reserves!

Our body craves good nutrition: vitamins, healthy fats, happiness hormones. Physically we fill up and mentally we feed our brain and subconscious with new views, new perspectives, new self-esteem and new confidence. You learn to listen to your body and eat what you want, when you want – with the aim of maintaining your weight +-2 lbs. We’ll help you practice this over the course of 4 weeks to help you gain confidence in your body.

We meet once a week You’ll receive a natural remedy and receive a customized meal plan.
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Level 3 – The Anchor Phase

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You learn to walk alone

In this phase (and in future), we’re here to be your anchor. You can hold on to us whenever you need to – if you need help keeping your weight stable, when you need a boost of joy, and when you’re worried about straying too far from what you’ve achieved.

Now, we can experiment with all that we’ve learned, finding out together what suits you and what doesn’t. If we experience setbacks, we’ll just get back up again. We’ll keep doing this until you feel confident “walking” by yourself and when you can view your body and your weight as a new friend – and no longer as an enemy.

You have reached your goal

Being overweight is never just a simple result of eating too much.

It goes much deeper than that